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TimeS – Time Sheet Management: User Manual

Add Support to a Team Project

To add support to any Team Project on Team Foundation Server you can open the client application named “TimeS” from the desktop. You will get following screen

TimeS Image for configuration

In order to provide TimeS support to any Team Project in Team Foundation Server click on “Add Support to Team Project” tab. Enter name of the Team Foundation Server and click on Connect button. The list of Team Project Collections from the TFS will be fetched and shown in the list box. Selecting on one TPC will provide the list of Team Projects in list box. Select the name of the Team Project and click on “Add TimeS” button.

TimeS Image Add support to Team Proect
View Supported Team Projects

To find the list of all the projects for which the TimeS feature is added click on “View Supported Team Projects” tab. Enter the name of Team Foundation Server and click on Connect button. Select Team Project Collection and select the name of the Team Project. Click on connect button.

TimeS Image View Supported Projects

Use TimeS with Task Work Item
Once the support is added to one of the projects from Team Foundation Server we can start filling up the entries in TimeSheet via Task work item. You can open any existing work item of type task or create a new one. You can enter number of hours for any task which has been assigned to you. No proxy entries are allowed. The calendar will be disabled for proxy entries.

TimeS Image Task Work Item

Enter data in TimeSheet tab
Select the client of your choice (Visual Studio/ Web Access/ MS Excel) and connect to the Team Project to which TimeS support is already added. Open the task for which you need to enter data. With the support to TimeS a new tab is automatically added to the work item with the name as TimeSheet. Once you select the tab it shows you a calendar control with the current week selected. You can enter data up to the data on which you are entering data and not ahead. You can enter data for last 3 months not before that.

TimeS Image Task Work Item data entry
As the entry date is 2nd January the entry only that day can be entered. As the week proceeds you can enter data.

Entry for 3 months past data also cannot be entered

TimeS Image Task Work Item no data before 3 months

Validations for Data Entry
There are certain validations while entering data in the TimeSheet. The developer cannot enter more than 24 hours for a single day. These hours are calculated across the work items for that day. For any day, a single entry for any work item cannot exceed 24 hours. There are no restrictions for entering data for weekends.

Dashboard for TimeSheet
There is a tab for Dashboard on the main screen. The Dashboard shows reports for last 30 days like “Efforts per task per person”, “Cumulative efforts per tasks” ad “Cumulative efforts per person”. We can select a particular task from drop down or enter id for the report to view data for that task entirely.

TimeS Image Dashboard

Reports in TimeS
There are 3 reports namely Efforts per person, Cumulative report per task and Cumulative report per person. For all these reports date range is set as last 30 days by default. It can be changed as required. Efforts per person gives a table with task ids and person who has put in how many number of hours. The other 2 reports are graphical. Each report can be exported as PDF file which can either be viewed at a later r sent as an email attachment if required. Following is a screenshot for one of these reports

TimeS Image Report Demo
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