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TimeS Task Organizer - Automates tasks management
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TaskO Features
  • TaskO automates many of the activities related to requirements, tasks and their interrelations
  • When a work item under Requirement cateogry (Requirement / User Story / PBI) is added to the team project a set of tasks is also automatically added. These tasks are linked to that requirement as children
  • You can configure the tasks to be created as children of requirement for each project
  • When a parent requirement is moved to an iteration, the children tasks move with it to that iteration
  • If a child task is not closed, TaskO does not allow the parent to be closed. Only when all the children tasks are closed then the parent requirement can be closed
Prerequisites and Installation
  • TaskO is a server side component installed as an extension to Azure DevOps Server. It can be managed using a desktop application which is also installed along with the TaskO extension.
  • Has to be installed on the same computer as where Azure DevOps Server is installed
  • No installation required on the client side
  • TaskO makes appropriate changes in the work item type definition of Task in the supported project. These changes are non-invasive.
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