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TaskO – Task Organizer: Installation Guide

  • You have to install server part of TaskO functionality on the machine where Team Foundation Server is installed. That server part is called "TaskO Server"
  • You can install client part of TaskO called "TaskO Client" on same machine as TaskO Server or on any other machine in the same network and domain.

"TaskO Client" will be used for configuration of the projects to add support for TaskO. In order to provide this it will be easy to install it on the machine where the connection to TFS can be established. This need not be the server machine where TFS is installed.

TaskO installation is done at 2 places.

One is on Team Foundation Server where the required functionality will be copied into server side folder. The other is to configure projects for providing TaskO functionality. This is a one-time process for every project and can be done on the server as well as any other client. In order to provide support from client you need the connection to TFS from client machine.
  1. Right click on "TaskOSetup" application and select "Run as Administrator".
  2. To Install Server, click on install button for TaskO Server. To install Client click on install button for TaskO Client.
  3. If you have already installed the feature the appropriate message will be shown.
  4. After successful installation for client a shortcut for "TaskO" will be put on desktop for client.
  5. Open the configuration for TaskO by double clicking on "TaskO" from desktop.
  6. Follow User Manual for further instructions.
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