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Corporate Training Corporate Training

We offer the corporate trainings on Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Server and Scrum. Our trainers are well qualified, experienced and understand the needs of the organization and participants to tune the delivery to the expectations. Our services are available in India, APAC Countries, Middle East, Europe and North America. We also do offer distant learning using Skype and Azure based virtual machines.
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Corporate Training
DevOps Assessment DevOps Assessments

DevOps Assessment is a process of measuring the maturity of the processes being followed in the organization and then to create a roadmap to improve upon those. The result of process improvement usually is productivity improvement and / or quality improvement. Both of these may result in better profitability of the organization that is involved in software development.

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DevOps Assessment
Process Consulting Process Consulting

Correct of methodology and implementing the chosen methodology is very crucial to the success of any software development. We will help you to select the proper methodology, choice of tools to implement that and will also help you by doing handholding to implement the processes within that methodology.

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Custom Azure DevOps Server Extensions Development

When you implement the Azure DevOps Server in your organization, it comes with certain process templates and automation tools. Those process templates and automation tools implement the processes in a specific way. Most of the organizations do want to their own processes, which have evolved over time in response to their situations, to be implemented through TFS. We will help you to create custom components to extend the services of Azure DevOps Server to implement your own processes rather than following some standardized one.

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Custom Azure DevOps Server Extensions
TFS Implementation Azure DevOps Server Implementation

Every organization needs Azure DevOps Server to be implemented in a unique way. Considerations include the present number of users, scalability, performance, security, multilocational teams and many more. Organizations require migration of their existing data and code from legacy software. They also require the best practices to be implemented on the installed Azure DevOps Server. We will guide and help you to select deployment model for implementation Azure DevOps Server with all the mentioned considerations.

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I am very happy to endorse SSGS Online for providing excellent Scrum training and consultation for Exxat. We as a product company needed to implement agile the right way and Subodh came on board at the right time when we were expanding our team. Our company went through a transformational change and we have immensely benefited from the expert advice during this restructuring. I have high regards for Subodh’s experience in this domain and feel confident we will be able to master agile and build high performing teams.

I highly recommend services from SSGS for all things agile.

Vaibhav Bora
Founder, CTO
Exxat, LLC
Corporate Training
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Azure DevOps Server Implementation
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