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Git in Azure DevOps
This tutorial covers Git with Azure DevOps - a topic that is very important for development teams. It will cover various aspects of Git like how to use Git, when to use, where to use along with what are the advantages of using Git.
Monitoring an ASP.NET Web Application with Automated Actions using Azure Monitor
This tutorial demonstrates how to use Azure Monitor. We are going to study a case of an ASP.NET application that is already deployed. Using Azure Monitor service, we will monitor the application for any bugs or misbehaviour as well as monitor the performance counters of the hosting environment. We will monitor the alerts raised by that service and take appropriate automated actions so that application and hosting environment is brought back to healthy state.
Prevent Code Access for Developers Working Remotely using Azure DevOps (Protecting Code and IP during Lockdown)
Azure services and Azure DevOps can be used in combination in such a way that the code can be edited by developers without it being copied on the physical computer. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to implement Conditional Access on Azure DevOps to prevent access to it from any computer other than the controlled VMs in Azure
Using Application Insights in Azure for Monitoring health of Web Apps
Azure Application Insights can monitor the health of a deployed web application without any code change. This tutorial shows how to do health monitoring, along with the various features of Application Insights.
DevOps Timeline
DevOps concepts can be understood if we first have a clarity about Agile development and activities in its timeline. In this tutorial, I have shown how the activities and strategies of Agile engineering can be brought on the same timeline so that each team member playing any role in DevOps team knows their responsibilities.
Azure DevOps - YAML for CI-CD Pipelines
Azure Pipelines is a service which provides CICD. In this tutorial, we will see how to get started with the creation of Azure Pipelines.We will fetch code from GitHub repository and create a build pipeline with yml followed by a release pipeline. We also discuss how customization can be handled for yml.
Using Azure DevOps for CI / CD of ASP.NET Core application to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
This tuorial teaches how to continuously integrate and deploy an ASP.NET Core application (Docker support enabled) to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using Azure DevOps.
Using Secrets in Azure Pipelines
Azure Key Vault is a service from Azure that allows storage of keys, secrets and certificate in a safe and encrypted repository. In this tutorial, I am going to show you different ways that Azure Key Vault can be used by Azure DevOps Pipelines.
Security in Azure DevOps
This tutorial will discuss key concepts of Security features for Azure DevOps (cloud functionality) along with Azure DevOps Server (on-premises).
I endorse Gauri Sohoni, MVP and MCT via this note for conducting excellent trainings. Mrs. Sohoni ensured attention to every detail and every participant during the technical training on identified areas of Azure DevOps. Mrs. Sohoni’s trainings helped us expediate learning and meet business objectives.

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