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When you implement the Microsoft Team Foundation Server in your organization, it comes with certain process templates and automation tools. Those process templates and automation tools implement the processes in a specific way. Most of the organizations do want to their own processes, which have evolved over time in response to their situations, to be implemented through TFS. We will help you to create custom components to extend the services of TFS to implement your own processes rather than following some standardized one.

Processes that have evolved over the period in response to unique challenges faced by the organization are the soul of the organization. It is never desirable to adopt standard processes just becuase a tool provides those out of box. We should make the tool to adopt the processes followed in the organization. In Microsoft TFS this can be done by writing custom components like server side event handlers, check-in policies and custom work item type definitions.

We, at SSGS support customizing and extending Microsoft TFS by creating such custom components. We will also help you to deploy those components at appropriate locations.

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