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TicketM TimeS - FAQ
Which validations are done by TimeS before data is accepted?
TimeS does these validations before aceepting the data:
  1. Only integer key presses are accepted
  2. Numbers upto two places after decimal are accepted
  3. Numbers greater than 24 are not accepted
  4. Cumulative number of hours (for multiple tasks put together) more than 24 for a day are not accepted
  5. Any copy - paste operation is not allowed
  6. Only the team member to whom the task is assigned at the time is allowed to make the timesheet entry
Which user interfaces are supported?
TimeS is an ASP.NET application that depends heavily on Javascript AJAX calls to server side functions. Those are supported in Edge, Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome. It is also supported in the Visual Studio 2013 onwards. Unfortunately it is not supported in Mozilla - Firefox.

Which APIs are published with TimeS?
TimeS is accompanied by a component SSGS.TimeS.Data.dll that exposes data stored by TimeS in various forms. It allows you to programmatically fetch the data from a specific date, team project, for a person etc. This component can be called from any .NET client.

How do we enable or disable TimeS support to a team project
TimeS installation also installs a configuration client along with the TimeS application. That is used to enable support of TimeS to the selected team project. Presently there is no supported way to diable the TimeS support.

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