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What are the components of TicketM and where can they be installed
TicketM Components:
  1. TicketM Server - It is responsible for processing the escalation as configured. It isinstalled as a windows service. It can be installed on any machine that has Windows Server 2008 R2 onwards
  2. TicketM Configuration data - This service provides the support to store the configuration data like email address, working days and time and escalation matrix. It also provides the support to customize workflow and fields in ticket work item. It is installed on the same computer where the TicketM Server is installed. When it is installed, a file share is created to store and access the configuration files.
  3. TicketM Configuration Client - This is a windows desktop application that provides the GUI for entering and editing configuration data. It communicates with the TFS and TicketM Configuration data files.
What are the tickets stored as
Ticket are stored as work items in your TFS. They are custom work item type that is added when you add support of TicketM to a team project. Since they are the first class citizen in TFS, you can create hierarchy of Ticket to Task to Code to Build or Test Cases. You may also create custom queries and reports based upon the ticket work items.

Are there standard queries and reports based upon Tickets provided out of box in TicketM
When you add TicketM Support to any team project a set of queries is uploaded to the Shared Queries folder of that team projects. These queries are All tickets in the project, Escalated Tickets and Tickets per state. If your TFS supports reporting then a set of reports is also added to the reports folder of that team project.

Which roles in TFS can access TicketM and What can they do
Access to TicketM is based upon the roles that users play in TFS. TFS Administrator can add TicketM Support to any project that is in that TFS. Team Project Collection Administrator can add TicketM Support only for the projects that are under the Team Project Collection which they are administrators for. Team Project Administrator can only change the configuration for the project that they are administrators of. Common users cannot access TicketM.

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