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TicketM TaskO - FAQ
Can TaskO be installed on computer other than TFS?
TaskO is a server side extension of TFS. It runs as an event handler of TFS in the process of TFS only. It cannot be installed on the computer other than TFS. There is a configuration client that is used to enable TaskO support for a team project. That can be installed on the computer other than TFS but in the same network.

Can different tasks be configured for each team project?
For each team project you need to provide a list of tasks that will be created against each requirement. This list is to be created using the TaskO Configuration Client.

Are there any restrictions that should be considered while installing TaskO?
TaskO uses TFS APIs to connect to TFS and run its business logic. These APIs are different for TFS 2013 RTM, TFS 2013 Update 2 onwards and TFS 2015. TaskO has different versions for each of these and you have to ensure that TaskO that you are installing is in line with the TFS version that you have. You also need to assign a domain user from administrators group to the TFS Service account.

Once enabled can the support of TaskO be removed for a team project
TaskO Configuration Client does not allow removal of the TaskO support once enabled. If you do want the TaskO Support to be disabled for a specific team project, please contact

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