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TicketM - Ticket Management Integrated with TFS

TicketM is a ticket management service integrated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server. It treats ticket as a work item in TFS. By having Ticket as a first class citizen of TFS, we can use it to create hierarchy of Ticket - Requirement / Bug - Task - Code - Build. That provides a traceability of ticket and related artifacts. Although ticket is a work item type it also has the properties of escalation as per SLA.
Support of TFS can be enabled for selected team projects in the entire TFS. One installation of TicketM supports multiple TFS in an organization. TicketM is available in 64bit as well as 32bit and can be installed computers having Windows 7 / 2008 R2 onwards OS.
Features of TicketM include:
ticketm dashboard
  • Convert selected emails to tickets
  • Ticket is a work item in TFS
  • Design your escalation matrix in line with SLAs
  • Easily customize ticket workflow and fields as per your requirements
  • Provide your working days and times to compute escalation
  • Dashoard of tickets statistics and latest ticket status
  • more....
TimeS TimeS - Timesheet On Task or Ticket
Accounting of time spent on a task is an expense whereas time entered in the timesheet software is the billable time. Usually when you have two different software for these, there can be a difference in both of these. Accounting of time does not remain accurate. TimeS puts the timesheet on the task or ticket in TFS. This allows you to enter time for both at one place and store it at both the places, so that there is no difference.
TaskO - Tasks Organizer - Creation and Management Automation
In TFS, work items work the best when they are created in a hierarchy by linking them together. For example, when a requirement is added in the team project, tasks needed to implement those are needed to be created. TaskO automates this activity so that tasks are automatically created and linked as children. It also automates the activity of moving the children along with the parent if the parent is moved to another iteration.
ReleaseM ReleaseM - Automate the release planning
Each release is made up of a few iterations. Each of those iterations usually has a set number of activities. It is also necessary to create a branch for the release in source control. ReleaseM automates these activities.
ReportPack - Readymade non standard reports based upon TFS
TFS provides readymade reports in the box. Organizations need many other reports for measuring the productivity of the teams and to know the status of the project from multiple perspectives. ReportPack provides a set of reports which go beyond the regular reports found in TFS.
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